About the Group

Shree Naman Group

Part of the Shree Naman Group, Naman Securities & Finance Pvt. Ltd. is an independent, integrated financial services company.

Shree Naman Group is a respected business conglomerate with interests in infrastructure, hospitality, energy and financial services. With a strong focus on superior quality, Shree Naman Group has taken substantial strides in the industry since its inception in 1993. The Group delivers consistent value and an enhanced customer experience through resilient and strategic global partnerships.

Shree Naman Group is a financially robust and process driven company, with sound corporate governance practices. Its leadership comprises experienced professionals who help plan and execute projects measured on a globally accepted yardstick – the proof of which can be seen in the growing list of its premium clients.

Following strict industry standards, the Group exudes trust and dependability in all its endeavors. On the basis of a strong management, credibility and a secure financial foundation, Shree Naman Group has managed to bag prestigious projects, both independently and jointly with its partners.

India is growing at a steady rate and is fast becoming a preferred destination for international businesses, furthering the need for development at a world class level. With its client centric outlook, coupled with high performance and a clear vision for a better future, Shree Naman Group is all set to emerge as one of the leading names in the industry.

To know more about the Shree Naman Group, please visit http://www.namangroup.com