There was a time when savings meant keeping cash in a locker at home, not allowing it to grow. But times have changed, and people have realized the importance of investments. Investing shields you against uncertainties and inflation if done prudently. The resulting wealth creation gives you scope to spend on necessities and luxuries such as education, retirement and holidays.

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Financial planning is the art of managing your wealth in a way so as to adequately meet your future monetary requirements. Managing your wealth might seem like a daunting task, but with the right financial partner, you can be assured that your investments are in expert hands. Make your money work for you instead of the other way around.

Many a times, we fall victim to following trends. It is essential to remember that not all trends will yield positive results for you. What works for your neighbor, might not work for you. Every individual has different objectives, priorities, and risk-taking capabilities, so plan according to yours. Also remember the old adage – don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your portfolio and be safeguarded from market turbulences. Some factors to consider before deciding on your investment plans are: evaluating risks involved; need for liquidity; time frame; return on investments; and tax benefits.

Set realistic goals and expectations while investing. Investing too little or too much could prove to be disastrous, so it is crucial to assess all factors before you take the plunge. For example, if you invest expecting to get X amount at the time of your retirement, you need to also consider the rate of inflation and your changing lifestyle. If the returns do not suffice its purpose, the entire exercise would have been in vain. Similarly, if you invest a large portion of your money in long term investments you would not have enough to meet your immediate needs.

IPOs, Equities, Derivatives, Mutual Funds – the choices are many. If you are not familiar with investment jargon and how the stock market works, get the help of a trusted broker who will help you navigate the capital market and find the right mix of investments for you. The earlier you start, and the more regular you are, the better returns you will get. Long term investments yield better returns.

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