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Depository Services

A depository can be use to holds securities such as shares, debentures, bonds, government securities, units etc. of investors in electronic form.


There are two depositories in India. The National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL). An individual who desires to avail the depository services can approach a Depository Participant (DP).

Shree Naman Securities & Finance Pvt. Ltd. (SNSF) is a depository participant of CDSL since from the year 2006. Investors can open demat accounts with CDSL through SNSF. Upon activation of the demat account, trading in the demat mode is the safer and faster alternative to the physical existence of securities. Our depository Services offers dematerialisation services to individual and corporate Investor.

You can get all the Depository forms from Download section or email to us on

We would request you to meticulously follow the above instructions, to enjoy hassle-free operation of your demat account.

Services Offered

Transfer of Shares

You can transfer securities from one demat account to another by giving delivery instruction to us


In case you have applied for an IPO and receive an allotment then the securities are transferred directly to your demat account. The same applies for bonus and rights issues.


Customer can convert their physical certificate to electronic form by surrendering the physical certificate along with DRF (Demat request forms).


If there is any transaction during the month then statement of transaction will be send to you on monthly basis otherwise statement of holding will be send on quarterly basis. If your e-mail id is registered with us then transaction statement will be mailed to you on weekly basis.


Re-materialization enables you to convert the dematerialised shares into physical form.


If you register for Easi (Electronic Access to Securities Information) services, then you can find out online information of your demat account in CDSL Web site.

Rights Issue

All corporate benefit including right issue will automatically credited to your Demat account


If you registered for Smart (SMS alerts related to Transactions) facility, you can notice any transaction done from your Demat account & notice to any unauthorized debits. You can also get information about any corporate actions, ipo’s & bonus happen in your account.

Manage Your DEMAT Account

How to Manage Your DEMAT Account With Your Depository

  • Verify your transaction statement carefully for all debits and credits in your account. In case of any unauthorized debit or credit, inform your DP or CDSL.

  • Intimate any change of address or change in bank account details to your DP immediately.

  • While accepting the Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) book from your DP, ensure that your BO ID is pre-stamped on all the pages along with the serial numbers.

  • Keep your DIS book safely and do not sign or issue blank or incomplete DIS slips.

  • Strike out the empty space, if any, in the DIS, before submitting to DP.

  • For market transactions, submit the DIS ahead of the deadline time. DIS can be issued with a future execution date.

  • The demat account has a nomination facility and it is advisable to appoint a nominee to facilitate your heirs in obtaining the securities in your demat account, on completion of the necessary procedures.

  • To open and operate your demat account, copy of PAN card of all account holders is to be submitted to the DP along with original PAN card, for verification.

  • Register for CDSL's SMART (SMS Alerts Related to Transactions) facility. If any unauthorized debit is noticed, the BO should immediately inform CDSL and the Main DP, in writing.

  • Register for CDSL's Internet based facility "easi' to monitor your demat account yourself. Contact your DP or visit CDSL's website: for details.

  • In order to receive all the credits coming to your demat account automatically, you can give a one-time, standing instruction to your DP.

  • Before granting Power of Attorney to anyone, to operate your demat account, carefully examine the scope and implications of powers being granted.

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